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Development and psychometric validation of MedTech20®

Lesén E, Björholt I, Ingelgård A, Olson F. Exploration and preferential ranking of patient benefits of medical devices: A new and generic instrument for health economic assessments. Int J Technol Assessment in Health Care. 2017;33(4):463-71


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Hagberg K. Measuring General Benefits of Medical Technology Products Exemplified by users of Bone-Anchored Transfemoral Prothesis. Abstract No 4.3.6.a; page 422


Sebastian Möller, Bodil Ivarsson, Lars-Åke Nordström, Anders Johansson.

Patienters livskvalitet och upplevelse av användningen av portabla
syrgaskoncentratorer. Abstract Medicinteknikdagarna, Linköping, 2-3 okt, 2019


Möller S, Ivarssson B, Nordström L-Å. Johansson A. Patients Experience of a Portable Oxygen Unit and Health-Related Quality of Life - A Cross-sectional Study. Healthcare 2020;8:182:2-8

Hagberg K, Brodtkorb TH. Patient-reported benefits of bone-anchored transfemoral prostheses as assessed by MedTech20: A general outcome measure for medical products. Prosthet Orthot Int 2021;45:355-61

Heald A, Malm E, Darwiche G, Putri A, Zdravkovic D. Actiste diabetes management as a service innovation – impact on everyday life – Swedish patients experience assessed by validated MedTech20 questionnaire. Correspondence in Cardiovasc Endocrinol Metab. 2022;4: e0259 doi: 10.1097/XCE.0000000000000259

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