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We measure user experience – which is
good news for the industry

Using a standardized method, Medtech20 measures the user experience of people who actually use the products. As a result, Medtech20 enables the medical device industry to develop products that are manufactured from a user perspective. To access such information, patients simply need to answer 20 questions. We will take care of the rest.

MedTech20 is good for the industry

By collecting user data, products can be refined and eventually improve the user experience. Using patients’ wants and needs as a starting point, MedTech20 can also be utilized during product development to save time, and lower costs.


Such scenarios can provide companies with multiple advantages. Primarily, products can be adapted and therefore better aid its user in their everyday life. As a result, benefits on a larger scale, such as, a decreased need for healthcare, are highly feasible. 


MedTech20 – four areas measuring Everyday Quality of Life

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