MedTech20® transforms user-experience to data – something everybody stands to gain from


Our founder, Ingela Björholt PhD, came up with the idea for MedTech20® during her time as CEO for Nordic Health Economics AB, a company engaged in consultancy and research within the area of health economics. 


After many years of preparing health-economic evaluations of pharmaceuticals, aimed for review of Pricing and Benefit Boards, the need for similar analyses of medical devices became apparent. Such products often have benefits beyond what can be measured using clinical variables. Clearly, something was missing, more precisely a method capturing the general wellbeing in users’ everyday life.


The team embraced the challenge and initiated a research project, first presented at ISPOR* 2015 and published in 2017**.


In 2017, PharmaLex GmbH acquired Nordic Health Economics. Ingela Björholt left the company in 2019 and is now the CEO of NHE Licence AB who owns the rights to Medtech20.

*) International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes

**) Ref: Lesén E, Björholt I, Ingelgård A, Olson Fredrik J Exploration and preferential ranking of patient benefits of medical devices: a new and generic instrument for health economic assessments. Int J Technol Assessment in Health Care. 2017; 33 (4) , 463–71.

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