How it works


First, patients fill out MedTech20® Questionnaire

The questionnaire has 20 scientifically validated questions, measuring how medtech products affect the everyday life of patients in terms of sense of security, integrity, social participation and convenience. The questionnaire has a seven degree scale, “disagree” to “ completely agree”. 


In conclusion, the purpose is to investigate how medical devices affect wellbeing in everyday life.

The product gets a profile

When the survey is completed, an evaluation of the answers creates a product profile. Such a profile can be used to communicate benefits of the product, but also to provide insights to further development.

Finally, we calculate Medtech20 Index

Medtech20 Index is partly based on data from a study in the Swedish general population. We investigated how important each of the 20 product attributes in the MedTech20 Questionnaire were perceived in relation to one another. As a result, we are able to rank the attributes based on the population's opinion.


When the results of the questionnaire are given numeric values and combined with the relative weights of the attributes, we estimate how the product affects everyday quality of life from a societal perspective.


This provides us with a value between 0 and 1, Medtech20 Index, which can be used as a reference when comparing products, for example in cost-effectiveness analyses (a method within health economics).

Areas of use

Medtech20 can be utilized when evaluating all sorts of medical devices, for every type of disease and disability, and during all stages of a product’s life cycle. It can also be used during product development, providing insights to assess its potential benefits.

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