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Medtech20® provides users of medical
devices the voice they’ve been missing.

By converting user experience to useable data, products can be optimized, which in turn increases everyday quality of life.

What is Medtech20?

Medtech20 is a standardized tool measuring how medical devices affect people’s sense of security, integrity, social participation and convenience. In short, a person’s general wellbeing.

Our method consists of two parts. First, a questionnaire, containing 20 scientifically validated questions on product features, resulting in a product profile. Second, an algorithm, containing the general population’s ranking of these features. The result is an estimate (MedTech20 Index) of how the product impacts users’ everyday quality of life from a societal perspective. A point of reference is created, thus facilitating a comparison between products.


Such information will offer new insights to the medical device industry and could be utilized to develop more user-friendly products. The healthcare sector will also benefit, as Medtech20® provides the opportunity to make better and more informed decisions.


Simply put, Medtech20 measures what no one thought was possible - and everybody stands to gain from it. 


We give companies the opportunity to develop
better products.

Thanks to Medtech20, companies can develop products that correspond to the needs of its users.


We guide the healthcare sector to make better and more informed decisions.

Medtech20 helps buyers to choose products that are more beneficial to its users, as well as society.


Why should you

fill out the


The results will provide insights for product development, which could improve the everyday quality of life of users.


"Health-related QoL has been possible to measure with established methods for a long time. By using MedTech20 we can now measure everyday QoL as well."

Ingela Björholt, PhD CEO NHE Licence AB

Find out how we developed the method in Lesén et al, 2017.

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